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I got this from a conference and it gives my class a really good workout. I work the lower body, then the upper body in turns. You can do each move for 2 or 3 minutes and can be done in deep or shallow water. They don't stop and they don't change moves until I tell them to.

Begin by bringing your right leg up like you are in a seated position. Kick the lower part of the leg out for 3 minutes, then repeat with the left leg.

Arm push forward, slice back for 3 minutes. Make sure to remind them that they should not begin the move behind their body to prevent injury to their shoulders

Switch to right leg hamstring curls for 3 minutes, then repeat on left

Arms - push back, slice forward for 3 minutes

Legs - Frogs, 2 minutes both legs, 2 minutes right leg, 2 minutes left leg

Arms - Bongos, which are small arm movements with hands cupped like you are beating on a bongo drum. This one works quickly, so start them with 2 minutes and build up to 3 when they are more used to the move.

Legs - Diamonds directly under the body for 2 or 3 minutes, then diamonds extending in front from seated position with proper upper body alignment (no lounging)

Arms - juggle, cup your hands and push up through the water like you are juggling something. Tell them to think that they are juggling something heavier as they go along to get more waist action.

Legs - thigh press (legs in seated position, open and close), move in and out for 2, push out hard for 2, push in hard for 2

Arms - butterflies. Lean slightly forward, arms extended out to the sides hands cupped, then bring hands in toward the chest and back out bending from the elbow.

I'm sure you can think of moves you like as well, just keep switching between upper and lower body. They usually think that it won't be much of a workout, but they are tired by the end of the class and feeling it by the next day.

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