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Hello all,
The following is advanced, mostly tapless (except for a few turnsteps) and is done on a horizontal bench. Assumes a right lead.

Explanations follow each pattern, also cross phrasing where indicated.

Combo I (cross phrasing)

Total 64 counts

Combo II

Total 64 counts

Combo III

Total 64 counts

* Repeater tap. Any repeater here will do, but I just do 1 knee, tap opposite heel on step, do another knee.

** V-step walk over, is actually on 1/2 a V-step, step up wide then step down in front of the bench, so that the bench ends up behind you.

*** From the V-step walk over, do a mambo pivot to bring you back to facing your bench (leads very well into the I-step).

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

* Reverse V-step, step up right foot in on left side of bench turning your body as you go, put left foot down on right side of the bench (at this point you will be facing the back wall) exit bench right left (you are now on the opposite side of the bench)

** Cross over mambo is done from the straddle position, cross one foot over the bench to the other side and mambo.

***Reverse turnstep (only for the very advanced). This move is a blind move as you will have your back to the step while you turn, cue it carefully. Right foot at left end of bench turn your body as you go, back to bench, left foot on what was the right end (you are now standing on your bench, facing the back wall), straddle down.

**** Single hip, step off small end of bench. This is like walking the plank, except, from the straddle above, you step up and do a single hip, then step off the small end of the bench, so that your bench is behind you from the lengthwise. This will lead you into the grapevine.

++ I know, not tapless, but at least I get my people to lift their knees, instead of tapping down, adds variety and difficulty.

Good luck, email questions


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