Torture Challenge

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I love this site and wish I could contribute as much to it as I use!!

I teach 4 nights aweek and love to challenge my folks on the last night of the week. Below is what we did this past week and by the time we finished they were loving the "Torture Mistress"!

I always tell them to work at their own pace with anything where their endurance will be challenged and I show modifications as we go. After a warm-up I had them do the following:

The class ran two laps and then came back into their work area. They did 20 push-ups and 20 crunches. I used the 3 up slow, hold 3 and then down. Thank Jo!

Upon completion of this sequence they ran 2 more laps came back into their area and did 20 lunges each leg and 20 squats.

Upon completion of this sequence they ran 20 more laps came back into their area and did 20 biceps and triceps.

Then the sequence was started from the beginning. Now after the first time each set (which we were able to do 4 sets in about 45 minutes of an hour class) I varied the work in-between. Such as the second time they worked obliques, reverse curls, used tubes instead of weights, curtsy squats... etc. Without the variety they would have been bored instead of challenged!

After all had completed I finished them by partnering them up and having them do something I borrowed from Jo... Partner Throw Downs. First partner is on the floor raises their legs to a 90 degree angle while partner two pushes the legs down. Resistence and a good strong back are key here.

I have a variety of body types in my class and not all of them were able to run... so the ones that couldn't run walked at a quick pace... but all of them finished and felt good about the fact that they had!

It was a great class! Enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments! Please feel free to contact me! I love the feedback!

One last thing! I found that with this class it is better to instruct than participate with them. They need the encouragement and a watchful eye to ensure proper form... they get a wee bit tired towards the end!

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