Jody's 64 Count Advanced

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Bench horizontal - self reverse - tapless.

Repeat on left lead.

* Diagonal twister - just like a revolving door on the diagonal - tapless move - right lead - step up right on 1, step left in front of right on 2, right steps down off front corner on 3 starts to turn in, left steps down on 4 finishing turn in, then do the same thing to bring it back to other side 8 counts

** Quicktap with turn - right lead - facing West - step up right on 1, step up left on 2 next to right, right lunges off front on 3, back up on 4, left lunges off back on 5, back up on 6, right steps down start turning toward East on 7 left comes down finish turn on 8

*** 3 for 4 - all this is, is 4 mambos (or stomps) if that's what you call them stomp right (3 counts) Stomp left (3 counts) Stomp right (3 counts) now the left does the 4th stomp on the floor turning to the outside or back then back to the bench. I teach this all facing to the front - but in the actual combination you are on the front of your step facing the back of the room - it's very easy once they get it. This also leads right into your kick straddle nicely.

****Knee diagonal knee - 8 count move - step knee right corner 1 -2, walk to counts backwards (face the front the whole time right & left 3,4, take another step back on 5 right lead, lift the left knee on 6, walk back to step 7 and 8

*****Stomp straddle scoot - rightleft - stomp right 1, left rocks back on 2, right straddle step on 3, left comes over bench behind right on 4, right leg steps on 5 while left leg is lifting in air coming back to straddle, left leg steps down in the straddle position on 6, right leg comes over bench behind left on 7, then step left on 8 completing move - it's a bit quick - I give the option of a repeater - but then it's not tapless.

******Repeater 2x cha cha mambo - Repeater 2x 1 - 4, cha cha back floor, bench floor, 5 & 6, mambo back 7 and 8. Gets you ready to start the diagonal twister on the other lead.

If you read this all and still have questions - don't hesitate to email. Have fun.

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From: Paso Robles, California (USA)
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