Strength & Stabilize

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Strength & stabilize (use 128 bpm music)
Stabilization is the key for all! Tools required: step, heavy dumbbells, light dumbbells, and exertube.

1. Pushups for shoulder integrity

(plank position with hands on platform, -- hands positioned under shoulders)

2. Forearm plank & single leg hip extension

(position body in forearm plank with forearms on platform. You will remain in isometric hold while leg is performing movement)

3. Single leg bridge

(supine on step, off the end -- head & shoulders on step, low back, hips and legs off step, feet positioned hip distance apart on floor) You can use heavy dumbbells or body bar for weight.


Repeat forearm plank series (#2) with opposite leg.


Repeat single leg bridge (#3) with opposite leg.

6. Sidelying thigh series

(inner thigh & outer thigh work) Lie in sidelying position alongside step with head resting on arm & opposite arm resting on step -- top leg rests on step with knee bent.

(now boths legs are stacked on the floor -- the pattern is now ... Raise top leg hip height 4 counts, raise bottom leg to meet top leg 4 counts, raise both legs higher 4 counts, lower both legs 4 counts. (complete alignment from head to toe is the key -- shoulders and hips stacked)

7. Kneeling overhead press & torso lateral flexion

(heavy dumbbells) Kneel on floor, knees hip distance apart, maintain a rigid torso. Dumbbells begin at shoulders.

8. Standing turnout balance

While standing/balancing on left leg on step ...

9. Repeat sidelying series #6 opposite side

10. Kneeling shoulder abduction & knee flexion

(light dumbbells) Kneel on floor, knees hip distance apart, maintain a rigid torso, dumbbells held in hands at side. Make the movement as fluid and connected as possible.


Repeat standing turnout balance #8 opposite

12 (exertube) Standing triceps extension

(stagger stance, right foot forward and left foot back)

13. Squat down / up with 1-arm lat pulldown

(stand on step near end holding ends of exertube in each hand -- make sure tube is taut)


Repeat standing triceps extension #12 (opposite)


Repeat squat down/up with 1-arm lat pulldown #13 opposite


Heavy dumbbells (on top of step) Alternating rear lunges while performing double arm biceps curl (arms down when lunging and curling when leg comes up)

This is enough for a one-hour class, minus warmup, cooldown & abs. I left out all the technique cues, assuming you already know that posture, spinal alignment, knee tracking, etc. are essential for all exercises. I also left out the # of reps or sets to do. You decide according to your goals.

There you have it!

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