Sonia's Gettin' Ready For the Power Warm-up

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Hi all. This warm-up is done on the floor, except for the basics and the mambos. It is based on the first combo of my Triple V-Skip routine. These directions are with a right lead. Step transition and Power combo at end.

Part I

Repeat with a left lead.

Part II

Repeat with a left lead.

Part III

After mambos add dynamic stretching as follows:

After the last mambo bring the left foot forward onto the step and lift and lower the right heel, leg straight, reaching the arms forward (almost overhead) and down - 8x - (32)

With left foot still on the you lift the heel, bend the right knee forward/back, round and release the back - 8x (32)

8x Right knee lunge up/down - may do 4 at half time, arms reach overhead and pull down (32)

Now, rock back to right foot flat on the floor and left toes (still on step) lift up... upper body bends slightly forward from the hips as the toes lift...return the left foot flat on the step as body comes upright. It is a gentle bending forward and up as the toes lift and lower. Caution students to keep this move gentle - no locking the knees or slinging forward and back!

Repeat with a left lead.

To transition to the step:

Repeat with a left lead.
Repeat in 32 format right and left.

Add the POWER options:

Repeat with a left lead.

This is one of my favorite warm-ups! I hope you like it too. Email any questions or comments.

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From: Texas (USA)
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