Linda's Step Interval #5

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12972)

Bench is horizontal. All combinations are 32 counts and self-reversing. You will need a pair of dumbbells for the "recovery" period. Let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Interval #1:

  • L-step straddle (8)
  • Travel kick 2x (8)
  • Repeater combo 2x (16) knee/abductor/hamstring curl
  • Repeat left lead

    Recovery #1:

    Reverse lunges: stand in front of bench with right foot behind you on the bench; do all reps, then switch and do with left foot on bench

    Interval #2:

    Repeat left lead

    Recovery #2:

    Bentover row: feet hip width apart, lunging side-to-side; left arm resting on left quad; dumbbell in right hand; hinge at hips and row back for all reps; switch and repeat with left

    Interval #3:

    Repeat left lead

    Recovery #3:

    Side raises

    Interval #4:

    Repeat left lead

    Recovery #4:

    Alternating bicep curls

    Interval #5:

    Repeat left lead

    Recovery #5:

    Tricep kickbacks

    *Broadway knees: This can replace doing 2 travel or alternating knee lifts. Do your first knee lift facing the front of the room, using the bench; turn and do the second one facing the back of the room, on the floor.

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    From: Arlington, Virginia (USA)
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