"Basic Class" 4 Seniors

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12978)

After cardio warm-up and a brief static stretching (cueing for safety and breathing)...

Basic Blocks -- On stationary blocks watch your participants form and correct as needed. Cue for heels down, stomach tight, and posture. Each traveling block involves four 1/4 (quarter) turns - I cue this as a "Square". The participants know they will travel in a square, resulting in 16 repetitions of the same exercise. All travel is forward unless otherwise noted.

Stationary Block: (8 repetitions, 2 times through)

Traveling Block: (square pattern, 16 repetitions each)

Repeat for 3 more sets of blocks. Change arms and make related changes to the exercise, such as changing the high knee jog part of a block to a rocking horse with knees bent and then rocking horse with legs straight...Or change high knee jogs to low kicks and then high kicks on the 3rd block. For a new class, only make slight changes for each exercise on each block. My final block may look like this:

Plyometric Jumps** Block

*Stage Kicks are a straight leg kick with heel traveling back about 1 foot. Hands can be anywhere from in front sculling to bicep curls, depending upon the fitness of your participants. Cue for holding stomach in! If stomach is not held in the lower back will arch. Too much arch can strain the lower back.

** Make sure you provide an alternative to those who do not want to do jumps (as well as those who cannot maintain suspended moves) such as tuck moves with shoulders at water level to work the legs without jolting the joints. Decide on the repetitions based on how your participants are doing.

Remember to give a really good stretch set at the end. It is often the participants favorite part of the class!

And C.H. and C.D. -- if you read this, thanks for all your mentoring and for teaching me these things! I really miss your classes!

Water Aerobics -- It's not just a job...it's a passion! Meg

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