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Hello! I had a brain storm in the middle of class: Why not use stuff that I used to use before I 'learned so much' (haha) about step choreography! It was fun! Hey, I know you guys remember all that old stuff we used to do...Here's what I came up with...

Horizontal step, pattern first, explanations follow

(repeat for effect)

Beginning on left lead...

* Abduction kicks with taps: right foot steps up, you are facing vertical, your left leg kicks to the left side and steps back to the floor. THEN your right foot taps the right side of the step instead of the actual step itself on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th kicks. Finish the 16 count before going into 'curb walk'

**Swing kick. Not sure what everyone calls this. Just kick the leg as high as you without bending the knee. Use the hip flexor to lift (swing) the leg up. (Tip: avoid actually saying the word "swing" as you are swinging the leg up, it invariably causes tension as minds drift back to 'Wayne's World'....)

***Cardio V's. 1 V-step to the front (let's just say you are on right lead) as you are finishing the V on step 3, bring your right leg towards the left and turn and face the back. Do another V, right lead facing back, turning on count 3 to face the front. Obviously watch the student's legs when transitioning to left lead as they are turning the other direction...if they are not familiar with the step it could make them dizzy!!

Have fun!! Thank you to all who email with questions and comments! Dig some of that old stuff out, it really wasn't as bad as we thought!! : )

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