Boot Camp Madness (for advanced)

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Hey everyone. Thanks for all the great boot camp ideas! Here is what I have...

My class seems to like station work. I usually do an aerobic, followed by an anaerobic (so they can catch their breath). I usually have 1 of the stations be the station that determines how long each station lasts... the quicker they get through that station, the quicker they move on (and the happier everyone is with them!).

Here are some of the stations I do that you may not have seen:

Sometimes I do stations and then a quick "Survivor Series". I split the class up and have them go through notecards with a bunch of different things on each card. Either, I mix it up beforehand, and they pick from the top (the groups do it in different orders). Or, I lay them all out and let them eliminate each one in any order they want. I do remind them that they want to mix the aerobic and anaerobic so they are not stuck with all high-intensity or muscle-burning at the end.

Sometimes I do only aerobic station work, and have everyone come in for an anaerobic between each station. Then they work harder on their anaerobic because they know I see them. The more cheaters I have, the more running we do at the end of class.

Gosh that was long! I hope you learned something new... I know it is hard to come up with new ideas when you have been teaching awhile!!! Thanks ya'll. Enjoy!
Please keep the ideas coming!

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