Jody's Duo Step Cross Phrase Mania

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 12994)

Benches are vertical between 4 and 5 feet apart - Stand in between both steps Home bench is on your right and 1st is on your left.

Repeat from the top on 1st starting left lead.

6 counts over and back - right leg step up, right leg on 1 step, left up in front of right on 2, step right leg off bench to floor on 3, step left leg back on bench moving backwards on 4, step right leg behind left on bench on 5, step left leg to floor on 6, and right leg mambos back on 7 and 8 or you can hop hop both feet.

L-step around the world - left leg - step up on 1, right leg lift knee up on 2, step right leg down on 3 and left leg down on 4 as you turn into bench on 3 and 4 then step right leg up on 5 on the other side of the step and lift left leg up on 6 exit down 7 and 8 - then repeat this makes a full circle around bench

Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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From: Paso Robles, California (USA)
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