Static and dynamic stretch cooldown....just CHILL and enjoy

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This is a nice little cooldown sequence that incorporates both static and dynamic stretches. The complete routine is done in a standing position.

Stand with feet a little more than hip-width apart. Take your left leg by the laces of your trainers and squeeze the left heel into your bottom (cue legs together, knees together). One hand extended for balance if needs be. Hold for 32 counts

Release the leg, take that foot out wide to the side, the opposite foot likewise and point the toes to the corners of the gym. Start to sway from side to side - continue for 32 counts.

Hold it over to one side for a further 32, hands on bent leg, stretching the inner thigh of the straightened leg.

At about count 28 cue to sway again for 32 counts, this time pushing alternating arms across the front of your body (push right out to the sides)

Then stop on the other side (you will need to do an odd number of sways!) and repeat the static inner thigh stretch. Release and walk the feet in to the centrer. Grab the other leg and squeeze heel to bottom for the front of thigh stretch on the other side. Hold for 32 - at about 28 cue that soon you will release and march on the left.

March for 16 on the spot then take it to a small grapevine out and back for 4. Take the heel of the tapping foot forward and sink down into a hamstring stretch. At about count 28 cue that the front leg will now go behind push hips forward for a calf stretch. Arms in extended position push back - to back wall - then lift forward - 8 repetitions. On last repetition clasp hands at the front and push away to stretch out the shoulders. Hold for 32. At 28 cue that we will soon march on a right lead. REPEAT the sequence i.e. grapevine, ham stretch etc on other side, but this time push back with the triceps and curl the biceps for some dynamic arm stretches. Finish with hands clasped behind, then really lift the shoulder blades high. Hold for 32.

To finish, go back to a march for 16, then slow it down it to a half-tempo march for eight. Then ask your participants to imagine their toes are glued to the floor so only their heels can lift. Add then a reach up same arm same heel for eight each, alternating sides. Cue arms together, hold high and finish on tiptoes for 16 counts. Then release, big arm circles while you breathe in then punch out gently for four - repeat four times.

Finally get your participants to bring the hands high in a V and give themselves a big celebratory clap!!

This cooldown takes about 5 minutes at 100 - 110 bpm therefore is ideal when tight for time after a step or hi/lo session when the next class is waiting. CHILL and ENJOY.

Love from BILL

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From: Broughty Ferry, Scotland (United Kingdom)
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