What a Girl Wants

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13151)

Intermediate, self-reversing, tapless. We usually do this to a CD that has the song "What a Girl Wants" on it, and it's such a good mix that all my step divas get motivated to really go.

Horizontal bench, right leads

Block 1:

Block 2:

*Curb walk- everyone does this a little differently- the way I do it here: (1) Right foot on step, W end (2) left foot on floor, W end (3) right foot on floor (moving behind you), FRONT end (4) turning your body to the E side, step on the floor in that direction with your left foot (5) right foot steps ON the step, E end (keep turning) (6) left foot comes down to the floor on SE end (7,8) return home on the floor, right, left. There's no lead change and the foot is only on the step on counts 1 and 5. You can mambo twice as a substitute.

**Knee lunge repeater- Step, knee lift, scissor (or lunge) back 3x left, right, left, on the 3rd one, lift the knee and exit. Regular repeater substitutes.

Block 3:

Block 4: (easier, but intense!)

***Arabesque- in this case you lead left first- left foot on the step like an over the top but swing/squeeze your right glute behind you and step down right, left. Repeat going back to S side with other glute. Add big swoopy arms- the divas like 'em :)

Block 5:

****Knee pendulum- step up right (1), lift left knee (2), pendulum or "tic toc" side to side (3-5) right, left, right, lift right knee from pendulum swing (6) and exit right, left (7,8).

Hope y'all can use it- we really jam to it once it's done! Email me with questions about breaking it down.


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