Reverse that X in a tapless way

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I know some of these are from this site, either as is or modified so thank you very much. My class had a good time with this routine today and I thought I would share how I had put some of your good ideas to use with a few of my own!

All combos are self-reversing and tapless

Combo I

Repeat starting left basic

Combo II

Repeat starting left I-step

Combo III

Repeat left lead

Combo IV

Repeat combo facing back of room walking around to starting position

* Hams on top - Step up right, ham left, left foot down on step, right ham, right foot down on step. This leaves you on top of step.

**Rock and roll -just my name for it -- you are on top of step, right foot steps down in front of step and then back to top, left foot steps in back of step and then back on top, step down right and left.

***Reverse X-step - Step up right foot to left side of step, turning to face back of room and complete the X-step (front V back V) facing back of room. This leaves you facing the back of the room on the "wrong" side of the step. The knee repeater straddle gets you back to the "correct" side of the step.

I taught the X-step during the warm up in case we needed to do it half time (which we didn't). I had them do 2 basics, then regular V-steps, then regular X-steps and then while they were doing the regulars, I showed them the reverse X. We did it two times to come back to facing the front and then added on. So the warmup combo ended up being 2 basics, reverse X 2x, single knees (then hams, outer thighs, etc) corner to corner and repeater. It worked well for the ones who got there in time for the warm up!

If you have any questions on the routine or how to break it down, please email me. Thanks again!

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From: Cabin John, Maryland (USA)
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