Inspired by Choreo Exchange - Part 1

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This is the first of 4 combos which include several moves I learned at Sonia's and Marsha's March Choreo Exchange in the Dallas area. Included are moves from Theresa, Ramon, and Jessica. I have also included several moves from my instructors, Rita, Kellie, and Jean. This combo was part of my contribution to the choreo exchange, with moves from Ramon and Kellie replacing my similar moves.

Horizontal bench. Tapless and self-reversing. Descriptions and simpler alternatives for all moves follow the combos.

Combo 1:

In the move descriptions below, right lead in home position is assumed, even though the move may first be encountered with left lead and/or on the front of the bench.

5-count mambo rock - thanks to Ramon:

Alternative: double stomp right at left corner and exit.

5-count tick-tock:

Alternative: facing left/west, march 3 on bench and exit.

Reverse turn into hop-turn:

Notes: Teach initially as an ordinary (4-count) reverse turn, with tap down, followed by a left lead hop-turn. Then eliminate the left foot tap down and step back up. If you are averse to reverse turnsteps, a regular turnstep and hop-turn can be used instead.

Hop-scotch repeater - thanks Kellie:

Alternative: 3-knee repeater.

Double hop pendulum over - thanks Jean:

Alternative: ordinary pendulum over, or indecision.

Please email me with any questions or comments.

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From: Dallas, Texas (USA)
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