Inspired by Choreo Exchange - Part 2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 13165)

This is the second of 4 combos which include several moves I learned at Sonia's and Marsha's March Choreo Exchange in the Dallas area. Included are moves from Theresa, Ramon, and Jessica. I have also included several moves from my instructors, Rita, Kellie, and Jean.

Horizontal bench. Tapless and self-reversing. Descriptions and simpler alternatives for all moves follow the combos.

Combo 2:

In the move descriptions below, right lead in home position is assumed, even though the move may first be encountered with left lead and/or on the front of the bench.

Reverse turn, tap 2:

Alternative: Up in a V, diagonal lunges back right and left, exit.

Knee hop-turn, lunge, lunge, knee, exit:

Alternative: right lead hop turn to face back (4), followed by left lead knee lift (4).

Fancy knees repeater - thanks Theresa.

Note the 4&-5 steps are very quick, almost like a floor and step ball change.
Alternative: ordinary 3-knee repeater.

Knee, lunge, lunge, knee:
This is a combination of a lunge indecision and an around-the-world (half-way) move.

Alternative: ordinary lunge indecision - up, side-to-side lunges, exit front/north.

Please email me with any questions or comments.

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From: Dallas, Texas (USA)
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