Push-ups around the world

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13170)

I love the effect of push-ups, but they do get boring sometimes. Here are a few variations that I do in my class:

AROUND THE WORLD - You will need a step with one riser at each end, and probably a mat for those baby knees! The first push-up is basic with both hands on the step, then walk your hands to the right and stagger your right hand on the floor and push-up, then go back to the center, and then walk to the left and stagger the left hand off the step with the right hand still on the step. Your class will love these staggered effect for the chest.

USING THE BODY BAR - You will need a step with one riser at each end, and a body bar. As you are looking at the stop in vertical position, place the body bar on the step in the middle. You will place your hands on each end of the body bar. BE CAREFUL! Execute your push-ups with toes on the floor or drop your knees.

SLOW DOWN - Lie on the floor on your mat. Lift the chest, like in yoga would be cobra. Make sure you keep your arms and elbows right next to you. Lift up on 1 and slowly go back down to the floor. Elbows should point to the ceiling.

Remember, the slower the better. I find it very ineffective if you speed up the movements and use momentum instead of strength.

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