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This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13186)

There haven't been very many ball entries, lately especially so I'll write down what I did in my ball class yesterday for cardio and abs

Standing wide stance, holding ball alternate toes taps to the side while swinging the ball in opposition down low, then swing the ball at waist height, rhythmically alternate this movement doing 8 down low, 8 at waist, eventually cut down to 4 - good way to warm up the back

Plie squat position lift ball over head stretching abs and front of shoulders and the squat comes up - 8 repetitions then "put your back into it" by flexing forward and the hips lowering ball to the floor then lift over head when you come up - 8 repetitions - again rhythmically alternate then cut down repetitions

Ham curls move forward with an upright row with the ball. As ham curls come back bounce the ball. Repeat that a couple of times then change the bounce so you bounce on the way up and just curl on the way back

Stationery knee pulls - alternate lifting knees up and across your body while the ball comes down on the outside of the lifting knee - good for obliques. Then hold the ball still at shoulder height and lift insteps to the ball (so knee of the lifting leg turns out to the side) - start with singles, then do doubles, the in 4's - great for the inner thighs.

Abs: students will come to the perimeter of the room with a mat and a ball for oblique and back work - kneeling with the ball by your left side, lean left hip into ball and extend right leg so that it meets the baseboard, leg should be straight without the knee being locked - student should be able to lift rib cage off of ball while hip holds it in place - this is one of the harder positions for students to find their comfort zone in so I make sure I check each and every one - common mistakes are slouching down into that support leg or not really trusting and leaning into the ball. From this position do oblique crunches - start with 2 counts each way then cut back to single counts - repetitions up to you and strength of students.

From there - face into the ball, ball comes under your hips, long legs are anchored on the baseboard - do a back extension look back on the same side you just worked your obliques - you can anchor the ball with the left arm - right arm comes out to the side with knuckles in front of your forehead then you lift and twist looking over your right shoulder - I keep these at 2 counts each way.

Repeat the exercises for your left side obliques then look back.

Hope this is useable for someone out there... Aloha to my turnstep buddies =) Petrina

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