Kauai - Low Impact - lunges & jacks and even some Tae Bo

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13220)

Part of this choreography was given to me by a student the other part borrowed from here:

"Sue" walk: Right lead walk to the front left corner of room, heel tap on 4. Left lead walk back to start position - don't tap but "walk walk" which will keep you on a left lead. Then walk back to the back left corner of the room, heel tap on 4, right lead walks back to start position and you cha cha cha to get back on the left lead and then do the same combo front right corner, back right corner. This is very fun once they get it, which they will, caution them to keep moving regardless and because of the change in direction be aware of where their neighbors are.

Single heel presses, right, left, right, left - traveling forward - low or with plyometric lifts. Then lunge, right, left, right, left moving back - also low or with power

Ham curls (step right, left, right, left) traveling forward with row arms then back with chest stretch arms. This is a stall to introduce the last part - you can lose it if you want for the final breakdown which is:

Ham curl X 2 stepping right & left in an "L" formation (so you face the right wall) chasse to the right, walk forward left lead (getting low as though you are decending stairs) and then walk back left lead getting taller again. Do left lead which brings you back to facing front. Keep the left lead which will face you towards the left wall and then the right lead bring you facing front again.

Hope this works for someone out there... Big Alohas to my turnstep friend,

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