Crescent Combo

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 13228)

You should have basic knowledge of crescent kicks for this one! I promise you it works incredibly well!!! Stand with left side forward facing front of room. Hands should be in guard position, as always. Knees slightly bent.

Right leg (which will be your back leg) will perform a crescent kick. This kick will circle around from OUTSIDE to INSIDE. (come to center of body). Repeat 10x.

Using the same leg; first do crescent from OUT to IN. As soon as that leg touches back down, it will come back up for another crescent kick but this time going from IN to OUT. (go away from center of body) So for each count, they will do a crescent in 2 different directions. This really works their thighs!

Extra Addition:
If you want to kill them, after the second kick touches down, have them kick off a back leg roundhouse. USE THAT SAME LEG! They will then be doing 3 kicks for each count! They will be dripping with sweat!!! Once you completed a set of 12, switch to the right side in front and left leg kicking. Good luck!!!

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From: Connecticut (USA)
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