Tri-level Speedway

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This is a very intense workout for the tough--especially guys--in your population. So I use a lot of moves guys like and really kick it up a notch. (apologies to Emeril)

I do this in a pool with a very shallow shallow end, which slopes normally to a deep end of 7 feet. It's a one hour class and I use high-powered music-rock and roll.

Start out at shallow end just warming up with jogging across the pool side to side with big breastsroke arms and light jumps backwards "hugging a tree" --arms pull from the sides and round out in front of the chest stretching the back and arms. 5 minutes

Go to "Pit Stop"--have them start toward deep end and stop wherever their arm pits meet the water. Remind them it's a pit stop like in car racing, not the other kind--HA--and, of course, they will laugh about that every time you teach this class.

At the Pit Stop on the first round I have them hop on one foot while stretching the other leg--front, side, back and rotating ankles. Stretch arms, back, chest while doing a jump rope jump. 5 minutes

Then go deep. Tread water with hands out if possible {neg. bouyant people use hands} --one minute. Cross country ski one minute. jumping jack one minute. Slowly make your way back to Pit Stop.

At Pit Stop pick any three moves at that level for one minute each. Then slowly jog to shallow.

Pick any three moves one minute each in shallow--these can also be strengthing moves with bands or hand bouys or push ups on the pool wall if your pool is shallow enough not to injure shoulders.

Back to Pit stop slowly--three moves

Back to Deep slowly--three moves

Back to Pit Stop---shallow---Pit Stop---Deep

Course last 5 minutes or so stretch--I do Yoga stretches in shallow

You get it? At each stop you are choosing three moves or have them chose their favorites. Some of my guys will choose karate moves or boxing, so that's fun to throw in.

You can take this to an easier level by using a noodle the whole time, especailly if you have folks who don't do deep well. Just have them hold on to a noodle doing moves with the noodle in shallow and Pit Stop and riding noodle in deep. It's all good and my people beg me to do it. Email if it you need to. This is long I know---stay wet

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