Saturday Step

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Horizontal step. All self-reversing...tapless

Combo 1 (Always assume right lead)

**Funny counting on this combo...goes like this**
Turnstep with side kick =4. Land left leg that is kicking on 5 - right leg up on step on 6 - lunge to the sides for 2 (left,right) you will exit on a 4 count facing the back of the room and that is OK - when I broke it down, to get the counts right, always do 5 lunges after an 8 count and it will work! Alternate your 2 kicks. First kick will be stepping up with your left leg on 5, kick right leg on 6...again do the 5 kicks to stay on the correct lead after a full 8 count of music! Turnstep (you should be on your LEFT lead, straddle, you are now back on an even count to do the revolving door. Left foot should be leading! Now you can do it on the left lead.

Combo 2

**Hop scotch...step (right), knee (left), tap floor (left), shift left foot on step, right foot taps other side of step), shift again (right foot on step, left foot taps other side of step), knee (should be your left knee - on your 6 count) and exit. Left foot will come up since you are not tapping to do the double knee to the side, you will exit facing back of room. Ready for left lead.

Combo 3

Ready for left lead mambo.

Combo 4

Ready for left lead.

Combo 5

**3 Squats - cross top...First squat left foot on step, right foot on floor - squat. Second squat both feet on top of step. Third squat left foot on floor, right foot on step - then exit. Power knee back to start - same knee does a double (repeater kinda!). Ready for left lead

Let me know if you need more explanation on anything...


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