Sweet Sweep

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13794)

My class really likes this one.

First you have to know what a sweep is. It is four counts all together. (yes its made up, but still fun) Front stance bend slightly forward like you are going to squat, making sure the glutes go back no knees going over the toes now, take you right hand and make a large sweeping motion towards the floor Hop up and bounce twice. Then repeat other side. I tell participant they can go as low as they want as long as they don't hurt thier back or thier knees don't go over thier toes. Practice doing this, alternating sides, until they have got it.

Now here's the combo
Front stance

Do it all over again, I usually do it 6 times on the right

I do alternating cross punches (2 counts each with a toe tap) 32 counts then I take them double time (feet planted in place) 32 counts and slowly squat down keeping those punches going. Then we come up and do alternating uppercuts (back at half time, 2 counts each) for 32 counts, then we bring them to the center and do flury uppercuts, or uppercuts as fast as you can- I yell show me some biceps! Then you can move into practicing those sweeps on the left, and then repeat the above combo with the left lead (left front kick right side kick ect.)
Hope you like it is pretty easy to teach,
email me with questions if you have them.

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