Cardio Kickboxing Class Format/Choreography

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 13804)

My class loves this format. They say it breaks up the class some. It focuses mainly on cardiovascular conditioning.

Warmup - side taps, knee lifts, hamstring curls, grapevines, bob-n-weaves, stretches

Pre-kick - Go over all moves used in the combos

Facing front
Jab right(1 count), cross left (1 count), face block (2 counts)
Duck(2 counts), right front kick (2 counts) repeat on left

Kick right front, kick left side, kick right front, kick left back (8 counts)
Right front elbow, left side elbow, right front elbow, left back elbow (8 counts)
Repeat on left

Jumping jacks moving forward across floor and back

Jog up right,left,right,left, speedbag (8 counts)
Step to right, bring left foot to right, side kick right, 2 jacks (8 counts)
Jog back left,right,left,right, speedbag
Step to left, bring right foot to left, side kick left, 2 jacks (8 counts)

Right front kick, right front kick, left back kick, left back kick, *4 plyometric "step-togethers" to right (16 counts)
16 uppercuts (16 counts)
Repeat on left

Sprints across the room

Right front elbow, left front elbow, right side elbow, left side elbow, right back elbow, left back elbow, duck, sweep (16 counts)
Repeat left
Right knee, right knee, punch left left left left (8 counts)
Punch down left 4x (8 counts)
Repeat left

Tire run across the room

Jab right, cross left, hook right, hook left, duck, right front kick (8 counts)
Shuffle right 234, jump turn to left, jump turn back to front
Repeat on left

Jab right to front, jab right to right corner, jab right to right side, jumping jack, right side kick 2x (16 counts)
Repeat on left

Plyometric squats across floor
Walking lunges across floor

Dance to cooldown (The "Cha Cha Slide")

Abdominal/low back work

*Step togethers - step out to right with right, slide left leg in toward right and hop on left foot.

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From: Rock Hill, South Carolina (USA)
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