November Step--my first

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 13812)

This is my first so PLEASE tell me what you think....have fun.

Start right lead

**You may start off with a turn straddle. To make it reverse you step with your right foot but turn the opposite way and face the back of the room as you turn.

*** Step up left (just like you did for the knee), swing your foot around the bench, turning towards your right shoulder. You end up on the other side of the bench (in front of the bench facing the side).

  • Turn slow and low (turnstep half time, exit facing side) (8)
  • Jack side, jack front, up up jack bench (8)
  • Lunge back 2, lunge side 2 (8)
  • Lunge back 2 (facing the back of the room), lunge side 1 exit side (8)
  • I hope any or all of this helps!! Thanks for all your great ideas

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