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Hi everyone,
I have not seen any medicine ball class ideas yet, so I thought I'd start! (unless I am blind, and did not see one?) Here are some ideas to be done for interval/muscle conditioning. This class I teach IS TOTALLY AWESOME! I love how you can get a total workout from muscle conditioning to cardio! It's a great way to get in shape and to really work your participants butts!

Interval idea:
1. Two lines of participants - person facing each other (make sure they are fairly wide apart); have the first persons at top of line start shuffling down to the end while passing the ball at chest height straight at the chest level back and forth, all the way to the end of the room; next pair start shuffling down, and so on and so on making sure that the pairs that get to the end run around outside of the line back to the beginning to start all over me when the "lines" start moving this interval takes only about 5 times through and the participants are gasping for air!
or a little easier to teach is:
2. Still two lines of participants - you can have participants (still facing each other, wide apart) shuffle in place all the while they pass the ball (chest height) back and forth to each other.

Muscle conditioning idea:
Get the participants to either get in a lunge position (either on floor or challenge with a step board) - ONE LEG IN FRONT OF THE OTHER - SO THAT THERE'S A BIG ENOUGH GAP IN BETWEEN THE LEGS. As you lunge downward, bring the ball down through your leg and back up (mimicking a bicep curl after the ball goes through the opening of your leg). I usually make them do about 25 lunges (at least) - then switch sides!

Hope I made any sense at all? These are only a couple of ideas - I will submit more later, when I have more time!

Cheers everyone!


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