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Hello out there! I have recently started a BOOTCAMP class and it has done really well! I have my own "box" to teach in (6 lanes wide/10 meters). I made up laminated cards and tape them to orange cones to create stations in a circuit.

We usually do 1. flutter kick on wall 2. tuck jumps 3. pool push ups with heel kick (hands on deck push body up like getting out of pool) 4. deck abs (on mat on edge of pool) 5. wall push ups (hands on edge feet on floor) 6. sliding lunges 7. jumping jacks (start in squat position, arms out, power jump up, bring legs and arms together, land wide into squat) 8. noodle crunchies (abs) get the idea. General warm up 5-10 minutes then split the class up evenly between the stations! This is an interval style class so each station is usually a minute in length with 30 seconds to move to the next one, repeating the loop 2-3 times!

The different format of the class puts a new challenge to some of the old classic moves! And there is a ton of ways to mix it up maybe throw some jogging in a circle and changing direction (to work against the current) in between the 1 & 2 circuit to give people a break, or instead do your ab work inbetween circuits?!

I really enjoy teaching this style as I have been an aquafit instructor for 10 years and teach 7 classes per week. This class is new to our program in run only once a week (Wed 8am) but we are getting about 30 regulars! It also seems to attract more of a younger crowd and the men who don't want to take a "girls class"!

Hope you have fun and good luck!
Please email me with any other ideas for this class, let me know how it works for ya?!

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From: Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada)
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