Climbing Day

This is a Cycling pattern from (pattern 13830)

This is about 56 minutes.

If anyone has questions about the bands let me know - I'm not near my computer to pull it up at the moment.

** Reverse intervals, we drop "some" (our techie term for a gear or so) and sit for :30. At :30, we stand & add, remove at :45, remove at 1:00, and stay up til 1:30. At 1:30 we drop to seated, then 2:00 we stand & add, 2:15 remove, 2:30 remove & stand til 3:00, etc. Email me if you have questions.

Indian Sprints were just described on the Cycling boards. If we do this, we drop 1/2 the resistance we had, to a seated climb. Each person sprints to the front of our imaginary single-file line (I cue 10 seconds). If there's time for a 2nd round we add another level of resistance.

*** Add intervals are like reverse: start seated, add & up at :30, add at :45, stand til 1:15, then drop a gear & seated climb til 1:45, then add & up, add at 2:00, ride & stand til 2:30, etc.

We use this profile for our climbing days. Carrying over the resistance gives 2 12-minute climbs & 1 20 minute one - a great workout for us.

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From: Oklahoma (USA)
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