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This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 13833)

This is not for people with low back problems!!!!

Part one:
Have your clients lie on their back, and grab something sturdy for support. (Use a rail, bench, or stand behind their head and have them hold onto your ankles.) Have them complete a reverse curl with slightly bent legs, lifting hips straight to the ceiling, emphasizing that this is a lift straight up, not momentum-induced. Have them focus on rolling their spine up, then lowering back down in a controlled manner. Don't let them flop down!! Complete at least 15 reps.

Part two:
While still braced (or have them place hands under their glutes for low back support), have them "scoop" their legs out almost flat to the floor, and keep their feet to about an inch or two off of the floor. (I will cue them that they are placing their feet underneath an electric wire). From here they will scissor one foot over the other for as many times as they are strong enough to do (I make them do only one time for each foot), and then have them do a bent-knee reverse curl to center, extend out slightly, reverse curl to one side (obliques), extend slightly, reverse curl to the other side. That's one rep. Usually about 5 of these and they are done!!!

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