Woohaw (Advanced Step)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13838)

Here is my latest. Explanations follow each combo, as always, email your questions.

Step: horizontal
Level: advanced
Choreography: tapfree
Crossphrasing: where indicated
Counts: 64 counts, self reversing, total 128

Combo I (Crossphrased)

Total 64 counts

** Reverse V-step, right foot on bench at left corner of step (1), turning your body, to face back wall. Left foot at right corner (1) now you are on the step, facing back wall. Right foot to floor on other side of step (1), left foot to floor on other side of step (1)

*** V-mambo (Thank you to Jacque Melear, posted on pattern #13549 ) Right foot at left end of bench (1), left foot on floor at end of bench (1). Right foot, steps behind left foot on floor (1), left foot lifts off floor (1).

Combo II

Total 64 counts

** Rocking horse, pivot. Done in the center of the step, right foot on bench (1), start rocking horse, curl left (1), knee right (1) return right foot to bench (1), as you curl left, reverse pivot over the bench to other side, facing back wall (2), step, down, left (1) , right (1). Total 8 counts

*** Reverse pivot, like a regular pivot, but follow your back. Right foot on bench (1), reverse pivot, turning toward your left (1) down to floor, right, left (2).

Combo III (Crossphrased)

Total 64 counts

** Curl, grapevine, grapevine, curl. Left curl at right corner (1) grapevine away fron the bench, heading to the back of the room (3) grapevine back toward bench (4) curl left at right corner (4)

*** Ski, I hop back 4 on the floor, with a slight side to side hop as if we were doing slalom (sp) on skis.

Combo IV

(Special note. The spin leading into the reverse turn is a very advanced move and may not be suitable for every participant. I break this one down very carefully)

Total 64 counts

** Spin - is a pivot with a 360 degree turn. Right foot on bench in left corner (1) pivot forward, doing a full rotation (1), exit bench, exit bench left, right (2). You are now in a tapfree move pivot. You are facing the direction you started, but on the other side of the bench.

*** Reverse turns are not for everyone, because the students will be stepping blind (bench will be behind them). Having said that, a reverse turn is like a regular turnstep, but going backward. Right foot on bench in left corner (1), left foot on bench in right corner (1), straddle down (2). The reverse turn, is very similar to the reverse V-step, just like a regular turn step, is similar to a regular V-step.

**** Alternating single knees on the bench, just like skating on the bench but using knees instead.

***** When you complete the charleston kicks, in the right corner, do not head back to the left. Use the left foot again to start this combo over. I know that there have been many discussions about the charleston being tapfree or not, but I do consider this to be a tapfree move (tapback is actually a lunge). In order for this combo to reverse itself, you need to stay at the same end.

Since the reverse turn straddle, leads right into the spin, you need to give carefule consideration on breaking these moves down.



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