Strike It!

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This is a great way to warm up those shoulders and make them feel awesome...Your class will feel this the next day. First you start the class out with all the basic punches jabs,cross punch, hooks, uppercuts, speed bags block, etc.. Then facing center you have them do elbow strikes to the back starting low, make sure that elbows are close to sides and not swinging too far back. Then have them bring the strikes to shoulder level, strike it hard and visualize your opponent behind you and your striking them away GET OUT OF MY WAY! Next have them strike to head level, this seems strange at first but once you get the feel for it you will be able to focus and strike it hard.

Go over the 3 different levels repeadidly at least 2 times for approximately a minute or less each level.

You can also get a boxing pad and walk the room and make the class strike the pad. I love teaching with the pads because then the class knows what it feels like and there not just "hitting air".

Please email me with any ideas or add ons! I teach 5 classes aweek (kick boxing) and love it, I am always looking for cool moves. Have fun with this and dont forget to STRETCH OUT THOSE SHOULDERS AFTER!

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From: Mesa, Arizona (USA)
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