8-count Over Moves

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Here is a list of several of the many ways to get to the other side of the bench in 8 counts. You will likely be familiar with most of these, and hopefully this list will remind you of some you may have forgotten. There may be a few moves, or variations on famaliar moves, which are new to you.

North, south, east, west nomenclature is used, with north being the front of the room (see diagram below). North and front will be used interchangeably, as will south and home.

                                North (Front)
                    |                               | 
          West      |                               |   East
                                South (Home)

The descriptions all assume beginning on right lead, on a horizontal bench, on the home (south) side. Most assume you begin facing left (west). For several, a tap is required on exit, unless you turn inward (toward the back or the east) on exit. Other options to convert to tapless are given in several instances. And if you don't believe in reverse moves, just ignore those.

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