Double Starts Easy and goes Advanced

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 13855)

Starts easy and ends hard. Taps at first and we go tapless

Home Away Steps set up together

1 Short A-step (H)/ diagonal (A)/ jack (H) jack (A)/ stay on A and OTO/ 1 pivot (5-4 is OTO) finish off 32 count with 1 pivot (note jacks are not perfect 8 count making it more fun)

2- Run right (A) run right (H) / left squat (A)/ 1 knee hop back straddle (A)/ alternating shoot bbx2 (facing back)/ turn straddle turn (A)

3- (Stay on A) Step up & straddle exit to mirror x2 (A & H) / Reverse 2 lunges (A)/ turn front and skate 3 (A)

4- (H) Double knee/ walk cha cha to back room come (H) double knee/ on (A) up & split lunge/ 2 stomps on (H) and over the top (easy)

Here comes advance and tapless:

5- *Side salsa / up straddle and **rock 4 / swing back/ ***reverse turn - stay top mamba on and off/ 1 kick run run double knee

6- Same exact step only with a 1 kick run run 1 knee

7- Stay and do a V-step x2 (left H- right A)/ H pendulum/ OTO (fly)/ ****1 kick ball change on top pivot

* (A) left foot on top (1), right steps off and out (&2), left steps back (3) on floor and at the same time the right kicks (4), left foot comes up on (A) and you salsa across (5 &6) (A) step and exit behind (7 &8) (H): This is one cool move. Do it over and over and they will love you.

** Rock. Your feet are in a straddle position and you are kinda marching on the floor with a little rock in your step. Count it to them and on 4 you say swing. Mirror foot swings back to the wall. It leads you right into the fun reverse move.

***STAY TOP MAMBO on and off- Right foot comes up as a reverse turn would, BUT, the left stays up and the right comes down (give me some hip action) and comes up. You exit with your left and turn to the opposite step to do your kick run run double knee.

**** 1 Kick on floor (left) with right foot on the step doing a ball change and a pivot on the step. Again keeping this portion tapless.

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