Turkey Trot

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Haven't seen a lot of new posts lately, so here's one I just taught last week (my first post!). Self-reversing, 32-counts - some steps were taken from previous posters (thank you!) but made into different combos.

Combo 1

*Tiny turn - lead with inside leg, it's a turnstep off the short end of the bench.

This combo gets you facing the rear of the classroom to start over again on opposite leg lead.

Combo 2

*Shuffle forwards on long (back) end, straddle. Other leg leads with shuffle backwards on long (front) end, straddle. You can always take out the straddles and just shuffle x2.

**This is just a knee/straddle, knee/off (towards front). Make sure to teach that the outside leg will lead the mambo step (you turn body into step and mambo on floor).

Combo 3

*Mambo on step, shuffle to rear. Mambo other leg on floor, shuffle back to front.

Combo 4

That's it! Breakdowns are fairly easy, and the toughest combo is at the beginning. Can always add some power to up the intensity!

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