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Hi Guys!!! I've spent time giving and taking (mostly taking) from this website, so I thought I'd spend some time contributing... Please let me know if you have any questions...

Some intervals to use in your step/floor interval class:

A quick word before I start ***We offer a body-pump (body sculpting/Y-Pump) class right after the step/kickbox interval, so I always ask which participants are staying for the next class before choosing which intervals to use during class.***

Intervals for the taking: (both on and off the step, see notes)

1. Jumping Jacks (off the step) can be done high or low impact (half jacks) Can also do these as "Happy-Jacks" which works the inner thigh and is also known as heel to toe in front of the body.

2. Squat and Kick (off) a kickbox move

3. Boxer Shuffle (off) I LOVE using handweights with this and adding jabs to the front to work the biceps and deltoids

4. Quick Heels (on or off the step) begin with alternating heels up on the step from the floor. Work into double time with arms pushing in front of the body or up over the head for higher impact/heart rate.

5. Flies the LONG Way Across the Box (on or off the step) using the step, participants fly across the box the long way. For greater impact, add a lunge at the end of the move with the cue to keep the abs tight to protect the lower back. If participants wish to keep this a low impact (or off the box move), it is simply a double step touch on the floor with arms pushing out or up depending on participant's desires.

6. Football Hops (on the step) PYLO!!! Love this move! Begin on top of the box and straddle down, down with a hop back up on top of the box. Low impact would be straddle down, down with a step, up, up back up on top of the step.

7. Shuffles (off) Football shuffles. Arms out long away from the body the entire time for some isometric work of the biceps/triceps/deltoids.

8. Lunges (on) Lunges back right/left. Change lead feet half with through interval. Increase impact by adding a hop with the change of foot. Tap back ONLY the toe.

9. Push-up Sprints (off) 10 push-ups on the wall. Feet are 12-14 inches away from the wall. Weight of the body pushes through the heels of the palms of the hands. Abs are so very tight, tight, tight! Work that chest! Sprint/jog/walk to opposing wall to repeat. I do 4 sets of these. A fun time!

10. SQUATS!!! (on or off the step) Pyramid squats on the step. I do 8 squats, switch sides, 4 squats, switch, 2, singles (8 singles), and then build back up. Good luck. This one is an absolutle killer. (Be sure that all participants keep their knees behind thier toes and their chests lifted during this exercise.) I do this at the end so that the participants can choose how hard they want to work.

WOW!!! That's it! (As if 10 isn't enough!!!) I hope you can use and enjoy these as much as I do. I've used them for step interval, kickbox interval, and bootcamp step classes. The participants all enjoy them. (At least that's what they've told me...) Please let me know if you have any questions, etc.

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