Pilates on the Ball (uses some Pilates terms...)

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Some thoughts on Pilates on the Ball...

I sub for a certified "Mat-Pilates" instructor who is also a physical therapist. These are some Yoga-Ball moves that I've adapted to use during a Pilates class that I sub for her sometimes.

For each exercise, the body is on the ball. For beginners, I have them keep the upper body (upper back and maybe shoulders on the ball), intermediate (middle-back on the ball), and advanced (lower-back, and tail bone on the ball.)

1. Ab-Prep
Hands reach towards knees. Eyes are on the thighs. Inhale to prepare a neutral spine (crown of head extends long, chin curls naturally toward chest), exhale to lift/reach, inhale to stay, exhale to lower to neutral.

2. Superman
Opposing hand and leg lift. Belly is on the ball, and body is balancing with core muscles (abs and hips) on the ball. Cue is to feel the leg stretching away from the opposing hand. Works the lower back. Eyes stay on the floor. Working towards a neutral spine with crown of head and tailbone extending away from one another.

3. The Saw
Body is sitting on the ball. Right hand reaches outwards left pinky toe. Chest stays lifted as the spine stays in the neutral position. Abs stay tight as the hand reaches towards the toe. Inhale to prepare, exhale to stretch hand to opposing toe/foot, inhale to stay, exhale to return to neutral. Each side 2-4 times.

4. Spinal Articulation
On your back with heels digging into the ball. Pelvis pushes up towards the ceiling, vertibrae lower into mat/floor one vertibrae at a time. Inhale to prepare, exhale to lift pelvis to ceiling, inhale to stay, exhale to lower down. Roll up and down one vertibrae at a time to feel a full extension of the spine and a rather nice massage.

5. Shell Stretch
Childs' Pose with the ball. Hands are on the ball. Ball pushes away from the body with the armpits pushing down towards the floor, and the glutes pushing back towards the heels. Participant has knees, shins, and feet on floor with only hands touchng the ball.

6. Spinal Twist
Sitting on the ball. Arms inhale to shoulder height. Look over the left shoulder to exhale. Arms stay out long and rotate with the body. Inhale to stay. Exhale to return to neutral. Repeat each side 2-4 times.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this post.

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