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When I broke this down today in class, every time I changed a base move to an advanced move I'd say, "Oh, check you all out. You're so crafty!". Advanced, self-reversing, tapless 32's. Enjoy!

Block #1:

*Knee pendulum- step up in the center of the bench right, lift left knee (1,2), stay on top of bench and pendulum swing side to side right, left, right (3,4,5), lift right knee, which is already up a little from the pendulum, so you hop a little as you lift (6), exit right, left (7,8). Two alternating center knee lifts as basic option.

**Funky repeater- ham repeater with a hop turn instead of the second ham- don't exit though! Go ham, hop turn and lift the right knee facing the back of the room, ham and straddle down left, right. Regular repeater as basic option.

Block #2:

(very tricky- hope I explain it well)

***Up and lunge, etc.- right foot on step facing west end (like an over the top) and left foot follows (1,2), lunge with right foot off front of step (3), right foot back on top of step (4), straddle down left, right (5,6).

*You will end in the straddle position and go directly into the mambo straddle on the left lead from here* This makes it difficult! but fun :) because you are facing the back as you do this. If you get it right, you will end up facing front again at the end of the block when your lead switches back to right.

Block #3:

(might be partly/mostly stolen from someone here- thanks!)

****Curb walk- this is a killer to explain, but I am sure I have done so in previous posts. This is my version, and may be different from others. Foot only hits the step on counts 1 and 5, the rest are on the floor moving around the step. Feet ALTERNATE every time (right,left,right,left, etc.)- assume right lead. Right foot on step on W corner (1), left foot on floor on W end (2), start rotating to face the inside of the step/back of the room, right foot on floor on N side of step (3), completely turn to face the back of the room and step left on floor, moving to the E end of the step (4), step right foot ON E end of step (5), start turning again towards your right shoulder and step left foot on floor, moving around to the "home" side (6), keep turning on the floor and step right, left as you fully return to behind the step, facing forward, dizzy, but ready for your next move!

The curb walk is so worth doing in an advanced class if you can get it because it JAMS. Hope I at least gave you a good idea of how to do it.

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