Swing with Charleston

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13681)

This is 32 counts, (mostly) tapless and self-reversing. I have used this several times recently and everyone always gets it and loves it.

Here it is broken down

On right lead - step up and left knee off short end of bench. As both feet come down to floor, turn to short end of bench. Left foot steps up for a right knee repeater (still facing side of room). Exit short end facing front of the room again, step up right and swing the left leg behind the right across the bench the long way. Step up left facing front, one charleston kick at the short end, tap it down and one more charleston on the front of the bench. (Moving around the corner) Back it over (left lead), then one left basic or reverse V.

Repeat left

The way to teach this is start with knee up and basic 4 or 6 times, then knee off the end and basic on the short end. After three basics on short end, do three knee repeaters still looking to the side of the room. Then across the step (sideways) and back a few times eventually cueing them to swing across. Then 4 charlestons, moving around the corner to the front of the step, back it over once and two or three basics. Then reteach the same way on left lead. Break it down as needed for your class.

Ultimately, you will take out all of the basics except the one at the very end of the pattern.

It's much easier to do than it looks on paper. Try it!

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