Revival Step- Advanced

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 13689)

Something old, something new, probably borrowed too! Tapless, self-reversing 32s, mostly advanced. Email me with ?'s!

Block #1:

3 For 4: I know this is borrowed, I think from Rob Glick and someone else here (thank you!). Chug corner to corner 3x (or 6 count mambo one and a half times), then on the fourth one (assuming right lead), step back onto the floor right, left, turning to face the back of the room (left foot chugs the fourth chug) and turn back to face the step for the last 2 counts, right, left.

Karate kick: Assume right lead- step up right and kick left, stay on top of the step and step down left, back kick right foot, still on top of the step, 3rd kick is same as the 1st (right foot down, left foot kicks), and exit.

Block #2:

Chug 2x: Chug one time (left leads here) with your left foot (1), chug down on the side of the step with your right foot (2), left foot chugs step again (3), and exit home right, left on the floor (4,5).

Block #3:

Hoedown: Inner thigh ham double repeater, then walk back or pivot on the floor around the back of the step. It's like a little do-si-do :)

Block #4:

Block #5:

The last block is a little less complicated because I like to have them power through it, plus I need a brain break by then :)

Hope you can use it...


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From: Manassas Park, Virginia (USA)
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