More Multi-step

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 13696)

red     home

green   jail

Ok guys here is some more great multi step. All of the patterns are 32 count. They all start on home with a right lead and end on jail. You can then repeat the pattern starting on jail with a left lead which will bring you back to home.

1) Step up on home right lead and lunge back 3 times (right/left/right) exit off of home. Reverse V-step on home left foot lead (now facing rear of room) step up left foot lead and lunge back for 3 (left/right/left) exit off of home. Basic right over home to jail. 1 left knee up on jail (now you are on the left lead at jail to repeat the pattern)

2) Step up on home and lunge right and left 2 off the sides of the bench (the long way) exit off the right side of home. Now go across home to red. (you are now between home and red) step up with the left foot and lunge left right 2 on red (the long way) exit left off of red. Now do a 1/4 turn forward on red. Diagonal over red to jail. 1 left knee up on jail.

3) Turn straddle turn on home. Diagonal over home and green. 1/2 L-step off the end of green. Go across green and jail. 1/4 turn forward on jail.

4) 3 Knee repeater on home move to jail. 3 knee repeater on jail move to red. 1 knee on red move to green. Turnstep green. Now turnstep again on green moving to jail then a turnstep on jail.

5) Knee straddle home and exit right. Turnstep on home and red. Diagonal over red and jail. Go back over jail. Turnstep on jail.

6) L-step off the left end of home. Go across home. Go across home and red. Go back across red and home. 1/4 turn forward on home. Go over home to jail.

7) Mambo on home moving to red. Turn straddle red with a left knee and exit off of red. Go over red to green. Mambo on green moving to jail. Turn straddle on jail with a left knee then straddle with a right knee and exit.

Hope you like these feel free to email me with any questions.

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From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
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