Wicked Kick from Maine!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13713)

Thanks to everyone who helped inspire me this past year! I would not have made it through my first year of teaching without this site. Now that I am doing my own routines, I feel I should give back! Here goes again!!!

Each combination is gone through a few times before moving on, and I intersperse "drills" between them to give a bit of breathing room. Then I put them together, a couple at a time, to add intensity! Enjoy!

Right lead:

Hi-lo Jabs*
*Wide stance, toes turned out like in a plie. Squatting with the beat, jab on one side hi and low (lo on squat down, high on up...). repeat for 32 counts, switch sides!

Right lead:

Step taps with alternating over head blocks.

Right lead:

Front kick, cherry pick*
*Right front kick, then lunge to the back and "pick" cherries off the floor (watch those knees for safety!!), and continue for 32 counts. Reverse.

Speedbag on right 3 large circles, cross left (32 counts)

Right lead:

2 jacks, 4 jabs forward

Side squats: Wide lunge to the right, right arm comes down from ceiling (Show me your biceps!!), back to center, then left.

This is one class, and I always do intensity checks and allow for modifications to increase or decrease one's intensity. I hope it helps, and if I get through the whole thing in time, I start over and up the intensity!!

Good luck, and feel free to email me with questions and comments!!

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(Email: kickinspinney@yahoo.com)
From: Maine (USA)
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