This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 13721)

NSEW walk - basically walk forward 4 counts and back 4 counts then turn 90 degrees and repeat, so you have walked North, South east and west (although not in that order! lol)

2 Box steps to front of room, turn and do 2 again to side of room, repeat till completed to all four walls. I call this round the world.

**Dancing Horse 4 times

Walk forward 4 2 jacks (turn right 90 degrees) and repeat till you have completed this in a box format. I call this jack in the box. And cue it walk for 4 jack, jack 'n' turn.

Repeat jack in box but turn left instead of right

*** Scoop 'n' twist (once right and once to the left)

Get Funky 4 times forward 8 side lunges, get funky travel back then 8 back lunges. This get funky move is basically two toe taps to right then 2 toe taps to left but you travel them forward. I cue this as out, in out and cross. Doing this four times forward is a 16 count move this is why I add on side lunges to make it 32 than travel it backwards and back lunges.

Turn corner - this is a grapevine right then a 90 degree turn and one grapevine left, then travel step touch backwards for 4 (8 count) 4 hamstring curls and 4 knee lifts. Then start turn corner again from that position grapvine right, turn grapevine left travel backwards 4 hams and 4 knees. Repeat till facing front again.

I hope you managed to understand this ok;)

*Figure 8 - is basically 4 grapvines put together to form a figure 8. One straight right, one diagonal left forward, one straight right and one diagonal back.

** Step right, place left foot behind, lift right knee, then ham curl left leg, then lift right knee again. Repeat three times. Cue as step, behind, lift, curl, lift.

*** Scoop up for 4 twist a double grapevine (single grapevine turn to face back and grapevine again), scoop up for 4 twist double grapevine.

I know it's a bit long but I hope you can understand, I have used these moves on a number of occasions and initially they may find it confusing but they manage to pick it up. Thanks to you all for all choreography ideas submitted. Keep smiling

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From: Cleveland, England (United Kingdom)
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