Full Body Power

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Thanks to all who contribute such great ideas. This routine is for Donna's and my Full Body Power class, essentially a Boot Camp class. It is advertised as an Intermediate class, but warn your students that it is tough. 75 minutes, including warm up and cool down/stretch. Note: all push-ups are military style, a requirement for the class.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Line Drills:

Set 3:

Box Drill:
Divide class up into teams of 3-4 people, so there is not a lot of wait time. Set up courses like this: Set up a 10 yard square with cones (or step risers) on each corner. From the starting point at bottom left, sprint forward to next cone and touch it; shuffle right to upper right and touch cone; back pedal to bottom right and touch cone; shuffle left to go back to start position, which bottom left. You can add variety by adding caraoke, bounding, or whatever.

Set 4:

"DEFENSE!" Drill:
Partners take turns trying to lay up an imaginary basketball, with one person "screening". It's a free-for-all, but they love it because it is so silly. And HARD!

Set 5:

Plank Drop Drill:
From the straight arm plank position, drop down and touch right elbow to mat. Return to start position. Repeat 10x. Change sides. Do 10 push-ups. Do 5 plank drops right and left sides. Do 5 push-ups.

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