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Posting this up in response to a request for running ideas on Aqua board, it can be used in shallow/deep water. This is competitive and uses the properties of the water very effectively, so not suitable for all groups. Line your group up in 2's on one side of pool so you have two lines all facing same way across the pool. Call the front line number 1's and back line number 2's, looks like this...

I 2's  1's  -------------------------->I
I 2's  1's  -------------------------->I
I 2's  1's  -------------------------->I

I  =  poolside
-->=  direction of travel

Still with me? So now they all set off at same time BUT number 2 is trying to overtake number 1, number 1 is trying to stay in front. When they get to other side they swap positions so...

I<--------------------------- 2's  1's I
I<--------------------------- 2's  1's I
I<--------------------------- 2's  1's I

And now 2 is in front and 1 is trying to overtake.
You can up the ante in various ways, less recovery time when they get to the other side, hands out of the water, or holding kick float vertically in front (a killer).
As ever, watch posture like a hawk!
Smile like a dolphin,

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