Kick it up!

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Hello everyone,
This one is lots of fun!

I am going to show you how I break it down, becuase if you give it to them all at once they get that frustrated "I'm never coming back" look. (you know what I'm talking about!)

First teach them the sweep move: the sweep in my class is kind of like a bob and weave except for that you squat a little move and you sweep one hand towards the floor, and then when you come up you hop twice (very small hops). So sweep for 32-64 counts alternating left and right sweeps. Each sweep is a total of 4 count (2 counts for the sweeping motion and 2 counts for the little hop)

Ok once they have it we move on:

Right front kick
Left side kick (4 counts)

After 32 counts tell them to move it up for 4
Right front kick
Left side kick
Right front kick
Left side kick

Now tell them you are going to add in those sweeps!

Remember to remind them to only goes as low as they feel comfortable with on the sweeps. If their knees are going over their toes then they need to not come down so far.

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From: Smith River, California (USA)
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