Step Back and Punch

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 13736)

Again, you have to break it down before you bring it together, otherwise they have a tendency to get lost in the choreography! Front stance

First I start out with basic alternating cross punch (tapping the toe with each punch)


Then I tell them they are going to give me a cross punch right, and a punch down towards the floor with the left. (32-64 counts)

*You have the option of taking this high impact adding more bounce


I take them to all knees (or alternating knees) one on the right and one on the left
-Now bring these knees to the front of the body
-Now to a set of 8 alternating knees, and 8 front right kick and back left kick
-Now cut it down 2 knees (right, left) 2 kicks right front and left back (32-64 counts)


Now let them know that on the next back kick you are going to step back and cross punch with the right hand towards the back of the room, then punch down towards the front of the room with the left hand. (32 counts)


All knees (or alternating knees) and bring them around so you are facing the front of the room once again.

Put it together when you think they have it!
Ends up:

Do it all again on the other side!

Have fun, by the way even my class with almost all new kickboxers could get this down if I broke it down enough, and at the end when we put it together I think they felt really confident!

*For my more advanced class I add in fast punches, instead of doing 4 sets of cross punch, punch down we do 2 sets of that plus 2 fast sets of cross punch and uppercuts. So, in the second half of that 16 counts we do a (total of 8 counts) we do a cross punch right, cross punch left, uppercut right, uppercut left. Email with questions
Jen :)

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