An angle on jacks!

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 13747)

This is my first time at adding to the web site so I hope everything is understandable.

This works best in deep water.
Start out with noodle in back of you, arms resting on the noodle.
Start out with jacks in a vertical position. Do for about 30 seconds. Then have class angle body to a 45 degree to the side still doing the jacks (about 30 seconds). Back to vertical jacks (30 seconds). Now angle to other side at 45 degree again (30 seconds). Back to vertical (30 seconds). Now have the class go to a 90 degree angle bringing legs up in front of you like an L position still doing the jacks (30 seconds). For a burst I have the class put their body into a C position and make "white water" with their feet at the top of the water. I hope this makes sense. Of course you can take longer time at each angle or shorter time. I do this at about a medium speed.

This is a great web site!! Please add more aquatic moves people!!

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