"Not For Whiners Boot Camp"

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I teach a 5:30 A.M. Boot Camp class and this is one of the routines I use. I generally change it every week just so it doesn't get boring and their bodies don't get adjusted to the same thing in the same sequence. You will need a step, hand weights, and weighted bar.

O.K. now we get crazy with cardio! Everybody gets on one side of the room. We run across and do 10 jumping jacks and then we run back across and jump rope for a count of 10, run back across, do 9 jumping jacks, run across and jump rope for a count of 9, and back and forth until you get all the way down to 1. Sometimes we lunge across instead of the run.

After that, we do a few front jabs for 32 counts and then we start the 20 second, 10 second drill. This is where you do 20 seconds bursts of cardio with a 10 second rest. We normally do 8 to 10 sets. (4 to 5 minutes)

After this, I have them march back and forth across the room. Then we walk backward across the room. Have them squat down a little and then walk backward and exagerate the rolling of the foot from toe to heel. Some times we do clean and presses, bicep curls with the bar, upright rows, etc. I constantly mix it up. I hope you enjoy this routine. It will definitely make you sweat!

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