Boot Camp Drills

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If you have access to a running track - Run in a single file line (or 2 lines side by side if you have a lot of participants); set a moderate pace; when you say "go" the person (or people) at the back of the line sprint to the front; just as they reach the front of the line say "go" for the next person to sprint to the front. Continue for as long as is appropriate for your participants.

Using a light rope tied to two poles (or even two stacks of step risers)- rope height should be between mid arm and shoulder - participants hold a medicine ball and bob weave under rope rapidly back and forth. I usually have them go back and forth 32 times and then step to the side and high knee run 32 and then back to bob weave.

If your gym is willing to spend $150 or so - purchase approximately 16 bike tires (KMART). You can set them up two rows of 8 touching and run through the tires with medicine ball. You can stagger them and hop from tire to tire. You can hop scotch through with a squat hold every time you put two feet down. You can do paratroopers through them (frog hop). If you are on a tighter budget you can buy hoola hoops instead of tires.

All of the submissions I have read on this site have helped me to build superior classes. Thank you!

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