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Hello everyone! Here's my latest. I did it last week, and it was literally one of the best classes I have ever taught. Everything just clicked. Hopefully you'll have the same experience!

Part I (self-reversing)

* Triple switch = a repeater knee but you boomerang those knees between the front side and back side, exiting off the front side

* Rock off the tip = also called 5-count mambo... stomp the corner 2x then switch sides and do it again. To make it more interesting, I take the second count and move that foot to the side of the step, right next to the small end or tip. So it's stomp on the step (1), take the other foot wide on the floor next to the step and stomp the floor (2), stomp on the step (3) and switch sides (4-5), then do it again on the opposite corner

Part II (self-reversing)

* L-step spin = as you do the first knee of the L-step at the tip, spin your body so you face the opposite wall (front, in this case), then finish the L-step facing that way. In this pattern, you are starting the L-step facing the back of the room, so you do your knee off the tip and spin (1-4) and then do a knee off the back of the step to finish the L (5-8).

Part III (not self-reversing!)

*** Here's how to make that sequence more advanced: do your double knee facing the back of the room (4 counts). On the jog, do the first 2 jogs facing rear (5-6), then hop over the step and do the second 2 jogs facing front (7-8). Change the glute squeeze into a glute swing over the step (9-12) and then stay in the same corner and do the single knee lift (13-16). FUN!!! If anyone is uncomfortable with that, they have the option of doing the 16 counts facing rear. Everyone ends up doing the single knee lift together in the same spot at the same time.

* Double dip = go up up (1-2) and then immediately take your legs into a wide squat on the opposite side of the step -- only the lead leg goes down onto the floor, while the other leg stays up on the step -- and pulse down 2x (3-5). On count 6, you propel your lead leg back up and then exit where you started (7-8). This one involves a little bounce, so if you have people who don't want propulsion they can go across the top 2x.

Part IV (self-reversing)

* Grapevine/hamstring/etc = on the 3 hamstring curls, just spin so you face away from your step on the first ham, then the back of the room on your second ham, then the opposite wall on your third ham. The leg that's up in the 3rd ham curl is the leg that takes you over the step in the revolving door.

Any questions, please email me! Hope you can use it!

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